5 Common Invisalign Myths

Choosing an orthodontic treatment can be rightfully stressful. With all the options out there, you want to put in your research to assure that you’re choosing the perfect treatment. But one word of caution: there’s plenty of myths out there surrounding these orthodontic treatments. Especially with Invisalign. So we wanted to take some time to try and separate some of the most common myths from fact.

Lone Mountain Family Dental is proud to provide Invisalign treatment to those around Las Vegas. Dr. Etman and his experienced team work with each Invisalign patient to achieve straighter, more beautiful smiles. As you consider Invisalign, make sure to keep reading to see some of the most common myths surrounding this treatment.

4 Common Invisalign Myths

  • Invisalign can’t treat complicated alignment issues: While it might take additional time to treat complicated issues with Invisalign, in the right hands, Invisalign is just as capable as traditional braces.
  • Invisalign treatment costs more than traditional braces: the cost of Invisalign treatment is comparable to traditional orthodontics and in some instances significantly less. With many payment options Dr. Etman and the staff at Lone Mountain Family Dental can help you find a payment plan that fits your budget and lets you achieve the smile you dream of.
  • The plastic aligners give you a lisp: Invisalign aligners trays are made to fit precisely. Although, you may notice a slight difference in speech after a few days it will not continue.
  • Appointments every two weeks? Sounds like a lot: While you’re changing your aligners every two weeks, it doesn’t mean you have to visit your dentist each time. With some planning, you can receive several sets of aligners at a time to minimize your appointments.

Invisalign With Lone Mountain Family Dental

When you choose Invisalign with Lone Mountain Family Dental, the first step will be a consultation with Dr. Etman to determine a treatment plan. From there, you’ll have a detailed impression taken of your teeth so that your clear aligner trays will fit perfectly.

Once you receive your aligner trays, you’ll change them out every two weeks, so that the alignment process is steady and consistent. And remember, you don’t have to come in every two weeks for your new set of trays! With some planning, you can receive several sets of aligner trays per appointment to minimize your time in the office.

Seeking Invisalign In the Las Vegas Area?

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