Las Vegas Teeth Whitening

It seems that everyone these days wants perfect teeth and a bright, white smile. The good news is, whiter teeth are now more attainable than ever. There are a number of different professional and over-the-counter treatments that can help you attain a whiter smile. But while DIY whitening kits are affordable and easy to use, it’s usually safer to opt for professional Las Vegas teeth whitening services.

Lone Mountain Family Dental is proud to provide a professional teeth whitening service to those in Las Vegas. Dr. Etman and his experienced team offer both in-office laser whitening or take-home trays. No matter which option you choose, the results are consistently stunning, unlike DIY whitening kits, which can bring inconsistent results. Call our Las Vegas office today to schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment! Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about Las Vegas teeth whitening.

Why you Should Choose Professional Whitening

Nowadays, over-the-counter teeth whitening products are widespread, providing an inexpensive alternative to professional whitening services. While many people have success with these products, they also come with a number of risks. Cosmetically, DIY teeth whitening kits can leave noticeable lines or uneven white spots on your teeth. This is largely due to the fact that the whitening trays you’re given aren’t personalized to fit your teeth. And without the facilitation of a professional, the active ingredient might not be applied evenly.

DIY teeth whitening kits can even threaten your oral health. When you have cavities or cracked teeth, the active ingredients in these products can lead to toothaches. Further, these products have been associated with gum shrinking, and even stomach pain from the accidental ingestion of the active ingredients. This could all be avoided in a professional setting.

Las Vegas Teeth Whitening with Lone Mountain Family Dental

At Lone Mountain Family Dental, we offer both take-home whitening trays and in-office laser whitening treatment. Both of these methods are safer and more effective than DIY whitening products. After an initial consultation and examination with Dr. Etman, you’ll either receive your laser treatment or take home your trays, and either way you can rest-assured knowing that your treatment is being professionally facilitated.

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If you’re looking for a professional whitening treatment treatment in Las Vegas, then look no further than Lone Mountain Family Dental! Call us today at 702-655-9533 to schedule a consultation. You can also contact us here.