Dental Technology

We live in a fascinating world, where astronauts have walked on the moon, and we’ve seen the sunsets on Mars. Improved technology affects all aspects of our lives, and that includes the field of dentistry.

From the tools we use in your regular cleanings to machines that detect cavities early, we’ve got a wide array of amazing technology that is all here to help you have the healthiest smile possible.

CEREC Mills, Printers, and Software

In the dental industry, we have to craft quite a few different appliances and restorations for our patients. This list includes, but isn’t limited to, dental crowns, bridges, veneers, TMJ and sleep apnea mouthguards, dentures, and Invisalign aligners. To do all of this, we used to need a physical mold of your mouth, which we would send off to a lab while you wore temporaries.

That is no longer the case! Our office uses digital scanners and cameras to take impressions, up-to-the-minute CAD software to design your individual appliance, and in-office machinery that can make it for you while you wait.

Intraoral Cameras: Cameras have come a long way in just the last few years. Digital software and high-definition scanners allow us to not only get a good, close-up look inside your mouth, but to build a digital impression of it.

CEREC Mill: The CEREC machine is an excellent piece of technology that helps both dentists and patients. Once we take a digital impression, we can use that information to craft a restoration such as a crown, bridge, or set of dentures. From there, the CEREC mill will create the restoration for you while you’re still in the dental chair! No more waiting. No more temporaries.

3D Dental Printers: That’s right. 3D printers are even part of dentistry, now. So many different restoration and treatment appliances can be custom-designed just for you and printed out right here in the office.

Moonray S 3D Printer: One of those printers is the Moonray S. It comes with biocompatible resin, making it safe to use for dental aligners, surgical guides, and much more. It also syncs with our design software, which makes the printed results extremely detailed. As a bonus, this printer helps us to reduce time and materials cost. All in all, it’s a great addition to our office.

Cone Beam CT Machine

A two-dimensional image will only give you part of the picture, no matter how well angled it is. In dentistry, this can make a huge difference in how early a problem is spotted. With a cone-shaped beam on the CT scanner, we can get images of your mouth from all angles. Not only that, but we see deep inside to the underlying structures. Everything that a dentist isn’t able to view with the naked eye.

CT scans can image bone and soft tissue at the same time, unlike traditional x-rays. This, combined with its 3D capabilities, makes a cone beam CT scanner an invaluable tool for our office.

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