Dental Extractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas ExtractionsStrengthen Your Smile with Dental Extractions

Sometimes, dental extractions can be highly beneficial to your overall health. Some of the reasons that tooth extraction may become necessary include:

Physical Trauma | An accident may damage a tooth to the point that it is loose and weak. It is best to extract the tooth to maintain comfort and to facilitate easy chewing and speaking.

Serious Decay | If a tooth becomes badly decayed, it may be too weak to save. You can extract the tooth before it damages the other teeth or your gums.

Infection of the Pulp | The pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. If a tooth becomes cracked or chipped, bacteria may find its way to the pulp, damaging it irreversibly. You can undergo a root canal or tooth extraction to eliminate the pain of a ruined pulp.

Risk of Infection | If you are experiencing illness or treatment for an illness that lowers your immune system, it is important to protect your health by extracting teeth that are at risk for infection.

Gum Disease | Gum disease can loosen the teeth and damage the surrounding bones and structures of the mouth. It may be best to remove teeth that have been affected by gum disease.

Las Vegas Dental extractions Overcrowded Mouth | If you want a straight, beautiful smile, but your mouth does not have enough room for all of your teeth to line up correctly, tooth extraction may be the right step to take. It is common to extract the tooth to prepare the smile for orthodontics.

Dr. Etman and his team do all they can to make tooth extraction a quick and easy experience. Tooth extraction is an inexpensive method of increasing your oral health and comfort. We can even develop a plan to replace your extracted teeth with dental implants!

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