Dental Extractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Extractions

While we make every effort to prevent a tooth extraction, occasionally a tooth will need to be pulled for one reason or another. Your dentist in Las Vegas works hard to ensure your comfort and well-being for every treatment you have in our office.

Some of the reasons a tooth extraction might become necessary include:

  • Physical Trauma | Accidents happen, and when teeth receive trauma or injury they can become weakened from the damage. Extracting the tooth will help get rid of pain and help make you more comfortable.
  • Severe Decay | Decay can progress rapidly, causing damage that may make a tooth too weak to save. We can help you by extracting the tooth before the decay spreads to other teeth or your gums.
  • Infected Pulp | The pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth, and sometimes bacteria can find its way in through chips or cracks. A root canal or a tooth extraction will stop the bacteria from causing pain and spreading infection.
  • Risk of Infection | Illnesses that attack your immune system can leave you even more vulnerable to tooth infection. Extraction of at-risk teeth can prevent infection and help you stay healthy.
  • Gum Disease | Gum disease can loosen permanent teeth and damage surrounding teeth and bone structure. If gum disease has caused problems with one of your teeth, extraction may be the best option.
  • Overcrowded Mouth | Occasionally a tooth extraction can help with bite alignment, especially for our patients who have extra or impacted teeth. Extracting teeth is also a common practice in preparing for orthodontic treatment.

We want you to feel comfortable with the proposed treatment. Whatever the reason for your extraction, your dentist in Las Vegas will explain the benefits of the extraction to you, so you can undergo treatment with confidence.

Las Vegas Dental extractions

Tooth Extractions Can Be Simple

Our friendly and experienced dentist in Las Vegas can make tooth extraction a quick and easy experience. Tooth extraction is an inexpensive way to improve your oral health and comfort. After an extraction, we can also help you develop a plan to replace your extracted teeth with dental implants or dental bridges.

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