Root Canals in Las Vegas

root canals Las vegasPreserve Your Teeth with Root Canals

When the inner tooth becomes damaged, the only way to preserve the tooth is a root canal. Often, the solution to a damaged tooth is an extraction. Once a tooth is extracted, a replacement tooth should be placed to prevent the other teeth from shifting from their positions or other difficulties. This extraction and replacement process takes several steps and can get expensive. To avoid this process, you can save your tooth with a root canal at Lone Mountain Family Dental. Many of our patients have discovered a lifetime of comfort when they save their teeth with root canals.

When is a Root Canal Needed?

A root canal can be helpful when the inside of the tooth, called the pulp, becomes damaged. The pulp of the tooth contains all of the blood vessels and nerves. If it becomes infected or inflamed, the individual may experience severe pain and swelling. The bone can also be permanently damaged. In a root canal, your dentist can remove the pulp from the tooth to improve your comfort and your health.

First, see Dr. Etman for a consultation. If root canal therapy is the best choice for you, you will return for the procedure. First, Dr. Etman will numb the tooth and place a sheet of rubber on it to keep it dry. He will make an opening through the top of the tooth, and then remove the pulp from the pulp chamber. He will clean out each root canal so that it is free of bacteria. Dr. Etman will fill the root canals with a rubbery material and then seal the tooth with a dental filling to protect the root canals from further contamination.

After your root canal procedure, your tooth will regain its natural bite force so that you can chew normally. The swelling will go down and your comfort will return to you. If you would like to see Dr. Etman for an examination and consultation, contact us here or give us a call at 702-655-9533 to schedule an appointment today!