Cerec Technology

Instantly Enhance Your Smile

Let’s face it–very few of us have teeth that are 100% free from dental work and decay. Most of us will need a crown or other porcelain restoration at some point in our lifetime.

Dr. Etman knows that his patients deserve the easiest and most comfortable solutions any time they need dental work. That’s why he provides porcelain crowns created with CEREC technology. Typical offices send impressions to a dental lab and then wait a couple weeks for the permanent crown to be crafted. In the meantime, patients have to deal with temporaries and extra time in the dental chair. Not here! With CEREC, Dr. Etman can restore any tooth that is decayed, weakened, or imperfect to its natural strength and beauty in just one appointment!

CEREC technology allows us to create a flawless crown or filling in about 90 minutes in our office. Better yet, it is done with all-ceramic, tooth-colored materials that will last for years.

1. Exam and Prep

First, Dr. Etman will examine your teeth and help you determine whether you need a simple filling or a full crown. He will administer a numbing anesthetic and prepare your tooth for the restoration. You can settle back and enjoy our patient amenities and entertainment while we rapidly transform your smile.

2. Easy Impression

Next, Dr. Etman will take an optical impression of the prepared tooth. Instead of filling your mouth with traditional impression “goop,” we will take digital photographs of your mouth within seconds. That’s right–you can forget about those messy, uncomfortable impressions that you’ve had in the past!

3. Immediate Design

The 3D CEREC software will produce a virtual model of your impression on the computer screen, which Dr. Etman uses to create a pattern for your ideal dental restoration. He will then send the design data to the milling machine, which is right here in our office.

4. Leave with your Permanent Smile

There’s no need for unreliable temporaries with CEREC. Our milling machine will produce your permanent dental restoration in just 10-20 minutes. Dr. Etman will check the restoration to ensure proper fit and bite, polish the restoration, and then bond it to the prepared tooth.

You can regain a flawless smile without any temporary restorations or return trips to our office. The entire CEREC process is completed in a single appointment. To learn more about improving your smile with CEREC, give our office a call today!