Cerec Technology

The Faster Way to a Better Smile!

At Lone Mountain Family Dental, our goal is to keep you smiling with faster, more efficient technology. You can work with a dentist in Las Vegas to create dental crowns, bridges, and other devices that can help you look and feel better— all right here in our office!

CEREC is one of the latest advancements in dental technology that allows us to create dental work from 3D imaging right here in our office!

If you have a tooth that is decayed, weakened, or misshapen, we can provide a natural-looking, beautiful crown in just one appointment! CEREC can create functional crowns in 90 minutes that will blend in with your natural smile. With proper care and treatment, our ceramic, tooth-colored materials are designed to last for years to come.

The CEREC Process

From the exam to completing your beautiful smile, we are ready to repair your smile!

  • Exam and Prep | During your visit, Dr. Etman will examine your teeth and determine whether you need a simple filling or a full crown. Before starting restoration on your tooth, you will receive local anesthesia. We’ll help you feel as comfortable as possible. You can relax with our patient amenities and entertainment while we work on transforming your smile.
  • Digital Impression | Next we’ll take an optical impression of the prepared tooth using digital technology, a great alternative to sitting with dental “goop” in your mouth to create a rubber mold. You don’t have to worry about the discomfort of traditional molds anymore!
  • Immediate Design | The 3D CEREC software produces a virtual model of your impression on the computer screen. We can then use the impression to create a pattern to build your dental restoration. The digital design data is then sent to the milling machine right here in our office.
  • Leave With Your New Smile | With CEREC technology, you don’t need to worry about wearing temporary crowns until your permanent crown is finished. Our milling machine creates your permanent dental restoration in just 10-20 minutes! Dr. Etman can check the restoration to make sure it fits well and feels comfortable, polish the restoration, and then bond it to the prepared tooth.

Experience the convenience and ease that comes standard with a CEREC crown provided by a dentist Las Vegas trusts!

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